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Unable to Use RoboCopy with .tib file

Thread needs solution
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Hi.  I often will make an Acronis backup and then restore the files manually.  This might be the case where I suspect issues with the OS Load so I just want the user data.

I currently have a very large quantity of files to be copied and when i use the Windows Copy command it takes many many hours.  I was instructed that using RoboCopy would probably make a huge difference in speed.  However, if I use Robocopy, I cannot select any files in the actual .tib archive.  Robocopy does not recognize the .tib extension Therefore, I cannot use it to copy files to restore.  

Is there any work around for this issue?   A program that will "see" past the .tib file?

I also tried VisaVersa and had the same results.

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You can open a tib file by double clicking on it in explorer. If ti is a disk a partitions backup, you may find it preferable to mount the tib instead - this assigns a drive letters to the partitions in the backup.

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Hello Chuck. 

Could you please share with us if after clicking in the file was possible to open it?

Thanks in advance!