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Upgrade to TrueImage 2019 not working, Acronis support questionable

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After upgrading a working TI 2017 to 2019, Acronis could no longer make a backup. After figuring out how to post a trouble ticket I went a couple of rounds with the support person. ( Or is it a support computer script ? ) It was quite time consuming to go through the many steps, requiring screenshots to show that each step was actually done. None changed the way that the backup failed. Not having much confidence that this process would lead to anything working, I instead went to Google with my log file.

This led me to a post from knowledgeable user Steve Smith. Apparently there is a known problem with Acronis on Windows 10 systems that have the sand box feature. Of course this was the issue - I turned it off and Acronis backed up successfully.

Given that this is a known issue, is it too much to ask that your system report check for this ? Or how about your troubleshooting guide list sandbox as a possible source of the backup failing due to media being write-protected ?

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George, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry to read of your poor experience with the Acronis Support team but glad to read that you were able to find an answer here in these forums.

I would recommend using the Feedback tool in the ATI 2019 GUI (behind the ?) to let Acronis know about this issue.  We all suspect that the front end agents work from scripts which are not the most comprehensive tools for solving an issue as you encountered because of new Windows features like the sandbox.