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Using Windows to Copy Incremental Backups

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Can I make a copy of an ATI backup with incremental copies using windows to copy the original backup and the incremental copy separately?

Step 1 - Backup computer to External Drive XD1

Step 2 - Use Windows to copy backup tib file to Drive XD2

Now I can restore from the  tib file on XD1 or XD2

Step 3 - Use ATI to create Incremental Backup #1 on XD1 Drive.

Step 4 - Use Windows to copy Incremental Backup #1 to XD2 drive.  Can I restore the hard drive using the copies of the original backup and the incremental backup file on XD2? 

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Ronald, in principle the answer to your questions is yes... but... if you have Acronis Active Protection enabled, then it will try to stop the copying!

You could use a File or Folder synchronisation program to achieve the same results and whitelist the sync program to AAP to allow it to work.

The above will only really work with ATI 2019 and earlier versions because of changes introduced by Acronis in ATI 2020 and subsequent versions that now use .tibx files for Disk backups, and which also automatically consolidate incremental files with the Full backup, plus use more metadata etc.

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Thanks, Steve,

That sounds like a good reason to stick with TI 2019. My practice is to keep copies of my backups on several external HD's in case I lose a HD I can restore from a different HD. Seem like I wouldlose that functionality if I switched from tib to tibx files. 

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As Steve Smith says, there are problems when the backup task uses *.tibx architecture (introduced in ATI 2020 for disk and partition backups) rather than the older *.tib. You would have to temporarily disable active protection before copying the files that have been modified since the last time you did the copying. This would be for either 2 or 3 files, one being the first file created by the backup (which eventually is reduced to 12kb is size due to disk cleanup) and the one or two most recent files (there will be two files if there has been a subsequent full backup). The size of the files could be rather large, which will slow the process.