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Validation ?

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In ATI 2019 I did a full backup of SSD drive and when I wanted a validation done I went into Options > Advanced and checked  the one box in validation, worked great.  In 2021 when I enter the validation heading I now see 5 spots for either a check or dot, can you tell me what spot on 2021 corresponds to the one in 219...Thanks

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Bob, I would suggest reviewing the user guides for ATI 2019 and for ATI 2021 which will show where the differences are and what the new options mean in the 2021 version.

Link to ATI 2019 Validation description.

Link to ATI 2021 Validation description.

The key difference is that 2019 only validated the current backup version chain but when ATI 2020 came out, it started validating all available backup version chains, so could run for many hours!  In ATI 2021, the user can now select whether to only validate the most recent version chain, or else to go with the 2020 behaviour and validate all version chains.