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What sets the size of the Backup files??

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Hi Team,

My backups of late have been around 260GB.  See attached screen shot.

What dictates the size of these files before they start a new one??


Regards & TIA,




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Ian, the size is determined by a number of factors, but primarily by the Backup Scheme options you have selected for your backup task.

Your source selection also plays a key part, i.e. if you select 'Entire PC' then this will include all internal disk drives in the PC, versus selecting 'Disks & Partitions' then further selecting one individual disk drive for the source.

The type of backup scheme influences size too. 

Differential backups will always increase in size as each backup includes all changed data after the initial Full backup.

Incremental backups create a Full backup, then each further backup only includes changed data from the previous backup, i.e. from the Full, then from the previous Incremental.  This type of backup is automatically consolidated into the same file as the Full backup.