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Wifi connection keeps dropping with mobile device backup

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I have True Image 2019, Windows pc running windows 7 64bit, and a samsung galaxy s5.  I attempted a backup, and the wifi connection keeps dropping and have I to start the backup over again.  I have had no problems with my wifi, which serve my pc, a laptop, and a printer.  Any suggestions?  I wish I could use my s5 charging cord to connect with my pc, but tech support chat said this is not possible.  It should be.

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I haven't seen any Wifi connection issues with my own mobile backup (Samsung Galaxy J5) but the reliability and performance improved significantly after I invested in a new Netgear Orbi mesh solution and did away with the previous D-Link powerline adapters I was using.

One suggestion would be to have the mobile plugged in to its charging cord while doing the mobile backup, plus to check your power saving options in case the phone is turning off wireless when the screen goes blank.

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I am trying to use Acronis True Image 2018 to do mobile backups of my Moto G7, and I am having a similar problem. The phone is plugged into its charger, and there is a strong connection to my Google WiFi mesh, but the phone keeps disconnecting in the middle of the backup.  I have to hit the "i" button and then click "reconnect" (which is always successful) and then start the backup again.  But yesterday I had to do this about 15 times before the backup finally completed successfully. Today it took about 5 times.

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I'd report feedback to Acronis and provide them with any requested logs / system reports to help identify the issue.  If it is an Acronis True Image issue, the only way to try and pinpoint it would be to work with Acronis tech support and provide them logs and system info for them to look into and see if there are any identifiers in them that point to an application issue.

My guess though, is that this is a local issue and would be pretty hard to nail down in the form.  If the phone is locking at any point, it will probably cause an issue.  Wifi is just too difficult to gauge as being "strong" or reliable in any regard.  Even if you have full bars and are directly next to the router, there could be a lot of interference from other devices or networks in the area, there could be too much network traffic bogging down the router or QOS could be limiting connectivity while prioritizing for streaming devices, it could be a firmware bug, the phone could be briefly switching from wifi to mobile without even realizing it, the router could be dropping packets causing a very brief disconnect, etc.  It's really hard to troubleshoot - short of swapping out a new, dedicated wireless router and only connecting that one mobile device to it for comparison of behavior with everything else basically the same (such as SSID, channel, frequency, etc.)

I don't do a lot of mobile backups, but in my testing, it had no issues staying connected for the full duration of backups... even initial ones that had several GB of photos and videos.  


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try resetting your phone to factory settings and see what happens. The main thing is to save the data somewhere