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Windows 7

Thread needs solution
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I have tried to use True Image 2019 on a Windows 7 system.  I've run into problems even installing the program.  Is there some solution to this problem?

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Hello Bruce ,

welcome to Acronis forums! Would you mind sharing more details on the issue? Could you attach a screenshot of the error message and the installation log

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Thanks for responding.  I made a mistake in my initial post.  I am trying to install TrueImage 2021, not 2019.  I don't know if this makes a difference, but thought you should know it.  Maybe Windows 7 is not compatible with 2021.

I've attached a screenshot of the error message.  Can you tell me the name of the log file I should send?


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Bruce, ATI 2021 supported being installed on Windows 7 SP1.

Try copying the installer from your Dropbox folder to another location such as C:\Temp or better still, download a copy of the latest ATI 2021 Update 5 installer to use instead if your file was obtained before yesterday.

Make sure you are using an Administrator account to do the install.

See KB 46710: Acronis True Image: Installation Fails in Windows - for common issues.