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Access to User Folder on Mounted Backup

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My old computer crashed and I am setting up a new one.  I would like to recover my User profile from the System drive backup of my old computer.

I am using ATI to access the backup of my User folder, which seems to work fine.  But, when I click on my User folder, nothing happens and the folder doesn't open.

I can access the User/Public folder and see the sub-folders no problem.

I have a feeling that this has to do with a Security issue.  But, I checked my account settings and I am set as Administrator.  

I am looking for help in accessing my User folder.


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Bruce, ATI follows the rules for displaying files / folders set for Windows Explorer, so you should check what this is set to allow on your computer?

I would caution against restoring the actual old user profile folder / contents to the original location on your new computer - this is likely to cause more problems than it solves and may lock you out of that profile if you have created a new profile with the same name.

When doing the recovery, then ensure you set the recovery options in ATI to not recover files with their original permissions, so that any files recovered become owned by your new profile.

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Thanks Steve:

I have Windows Explorer set to show Hidden files.  But, the User file still doesn't open.

When I look at the Folder properties for J:/User/Dell_XPS (which is my old computer's user folder), the attached images show what I see.

I'll try to restore the folder to my data drive using ATI (without retaining original permissions).

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If I understand correctly, you are using the ATI GUI to access the data.  Have you tried browsing the backup file with File Explorer to see if the data is present and readable?  This obviously still uses ATI to access the data, but provides a different route.

I never use the ATI Windows client to recover data (I use either the Windows File Explorer or an Acronis recovery medium) but I'll see if I can access the User files from another computer's backup from Windows.

I did an "Add existing backup" to gain access to another computer's partition backup, picked Files Recovery, and was able to drill down into my User data with not problem.  I know I looked at my AppData Roaming and may have looked at AppData Local, too.  (I don't remember.) 

It looks like whatever is going on in your case is not a universal restriction.

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Yup, don't use the original permissions.  They will conflict with the permissions on the new system.  When your computer is in a workgroup, the permissions are set for each system like this:



As a result, the permissions do not map from one computer to the other directly and you would need to take ownership of the files first (which you can't do here).



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Thanks - I successfully restored the files that I was looking for.

Thanks again for your help.

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Glad to hear it Bruce!