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Acronis 2020 keeps prompting to "locate last volume of the backup"

Thread needs solution
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I keep getting prompted for "locating the last volume of the backup" - I don't recall deleting files outside Acronis...


However, I wiped ALL of the backups from Acronis ... uninstalled and reinstalled.  The 1st thing it asked me to do was locate the last volume of the backup... oh, and it starts searching in the recycle bin.

Windows 11 OS

Any ideas?

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Jason, welcome to these public User Forums.

If you have already uninstalled & reinstalled ATI 2020 and are still seeing this error, then data was left behind by the uninstall process or there are truly missing files from your backup chains.

You could try doing a clean reinstall after uninstalling again and using the Acronis Cleanup tool (link below).  This would ensure that there are no residual left-overs such as database files from the older installation.

Beyond that, run a validation for your backup tasks / files and take either the Ignore or Cancel option for each pop-up message about missing files.