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Acronis Backup 2020 Crashes After Windows Update Vers.2004 KB4568831

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After the new Windows 10 version 2004 update KB4568831, the transfer from the hard drive to the Acronis Cloud with error 0X80070017 stops. Unfortunately, the Windows Update Vers.2004 cannot be undone. Does Acronis have a solution?


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Joachim, welcome to these public User Forums.

Is your Windows 10 system actually on the 2004 update version or is it still on 1909?  I ask because I do not see KB4568831 being installed or offered for my own 2004 system, and the description for this update says it is a Preview.

I am not seeing any issues myself with any of my Cloud backup tasks with Windows 10 #2004 and haven't see any reports of the same here in the forums (that I can remember seeing!).