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Acronis Secure Zone not working

Thread needs solution
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since about two weeks, the Acronis Secure Zone doesn't work properly any more.

This occurs on different systems like Windows 7, Windows 10, different True Image Versions like 2015,2018, 2019 and even 2020.

Freshly configured PC with latest Updates and latest Acronis:
Configuration of Secure Zone on external drive

Backup Configuration with incremental backups (first one full of course)

First Backup runs.... suddenly, after about 10%, the safe-symbol of the Secure Zone disappears and a locker-symbol with the text "atis:\\\" appears.

The backup then fails in the end.

So, what is going on here.
It is not only on one PC. It is on EVERY PC I am working on. Even with different OS.

Help appreciated.

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Björn, are you using the same ASZ on your external drive between different computers here?

I also have an ASZ configured on an external USB 3 drive and when I went to check it, I was seeing something very similar to you.

The steps I took are as shown below:

  1. Open the Tools panel in the ATI GUI then select ASZ
  2. Click on 'Free space selection' from the menu shown.
  3. Check that your ASZ is shown correctly for your external drive
  4. Click on Next, then on Cancel for the error message shown.
  5. Go to the main Backups listing in the ATI GUI and select your backup to the ASZ
  6. If the Destination is still showing atis:\\\ then reselect ASZ as the Destination so that this shows correctly (as below).
  7. Finally, open Explorer and check that the ASZ shows correctly under This PC.

Note: you may have to do the above on each of your different computers, adjusting to the differences in versions of ATI in use.