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Acronis True Image 2020 - backup failed - shows in Cleanup Mode for "1 minute" but is stuck there

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Sorry if this is addressed somewhere else, but there seems to be no way to search a specific section of this forum.  My cloud backups repeatedly show failed with a "backup failed" and "operation canceled". When I look at the console on the computer, it shows it as "cleaning up ... less than 1 minute" and has been there all afternoon.

Any ideas what I can do to resolve this and complete my cloud backup?

Search pulls up issues from Acronis 2014, so it's not very helpful...

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Robert, it is impossible to say what issue is at work here without more information.

What type of backup are you using here?
Disks & Partitions or Files & Folders?

Is this the first backup for this task, i.e. a full upload to the Cloud, or is it a continuation of a task that has run without problem previously?

What size of data is involved here?

Are you uploading to your nearest geographic data centre location?

We would need to see the backup_worker and ti_demon logs for the problem backup task (or an Acronis System Report zip file containing all logs) to try to understand why the backup is failing.

The 'less than a minute' type messages from Acronis should be taken with a lot of salt as are notoriously inaccurate!

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It was a cloud backup. Checking the .tib files from the same timeframe, it was a larger than normal incremental, probably due to a system update.  In any event, I'll ignore the 'less than a minute' message as I now know that it's as accurate as a Windows '99% done' progress bar. :)

Thank you