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Acronis True Image 2020. Build 24000 for Sabrent

Thread needs solution
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I use the Acronis True Image 2020. Build 24000 Sabrent OEM.

I have the base backup and restore functionality. I do a daily backup and it did work one or twice for a restore of my primary hard drive.

I had a total SSD crash and there is no way for me to reuse the SSD. So I manage to replace the SSD and do a clone of the original hard drive of the machine that I put aside when I upgraded for a larger SSD. I hope I'm clear.

So now that the machine is back to the original state I want to restore the primary partition from the backup that was taken the night before the crash. But when I launch Acronis True Image and go to the restore tab it says that I need to do a backup first to be able to see a restore point.

Also my backups were saved over a networked external usb drive connected to my router.

If I buy the full version of Acronis True Image (most recent version) will I be able to restore my machine from the external backup and will the software will be able to recognize the files to be able to restore my hard drive to the latest backup created?

I think of taking the external hard drive and connect it directly into my laptop so the restore process will be quicker than being done trough a network connection.

Thank you for your replys.

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Mario, welcome to these public User Forums.

See KB 2201: Support for OEM Versions of Acronis Products which applies to all OEM versions of ATI supplied with hardware purchases.

To do any recovery /  restore of a Windows OS disk drive / SSD, it is always recommended that the PC is booted from the Acronis bootable rescue media with the new drive installed within the PC.

Before attempting recovery, you need to confirm what BIOS boot mode your OS is using when the PC is booted.  This can be found by running the command: msinfo32 in Windows, then look at the right panel of the report this shows at the BIOS mode entry.  This will either show UEFI which is most common for modern PC's, or else it will show either Legacy or the name / make of the OS disk drive such as Sabrent xxxx. 
This is important because you need to use the same BIOS boot mode with the Acronis rescue media as is used by Windows.

See KB 63226: Acronis True Image 2020: how to create bootable media and KB 59877: Acronis True Image: how to distinguish between UEFI and Legacy BIOS boot modes of Acronis Bootable Media

KB 63295: Acronis True Image 2020: How to restore your computer with WinPE-based or WinRE-based media

It is best to connect your USB backup storage drive directly to the PC when doing the recovery as this is both easiest and fastest.

You should not need to buy the full version of ATI provided you still have a Sabrent drive connected to your PC that the OEM ATI 2020 version can find to allow it to work correctly.