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Acronis True Image cannot see backup file.

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Hi. Acronis True Image cannot see the backup file that I have on a HDD that I'm using as backup media.. I'm trying to recover a folder on this HDD from the backup, to another folder on the same HDD. Should not be a problem, but first my system must be able to see the backup file. I'm using build 25700.  I'm using the same version I used to make the backup. Windows 10 O.S. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Richard, where are you trying to see the backup file on your HDD?  Is this through the ATI 2020 main GUI or are you using the option to open the backup file using Explorer?

In Explorer, you should be able to simply double-click on the backup file (.tib or .tibx) for it to be opened to then allow you to browse through the contents and use normal Copy and Paste controls to copy data.

If the backup file doesn't show in the Recovery panel of the main GUI, then the first question to ask is whether the task that created it is shown in the GUI?  If it is, then you can use the option to Validate the task to try to fix the issue otherwise see the next action.

For files that have no matching task in the GUI, then you can use the option to 'Add existing backup' to select the backup file and add it, or to try to resolve a missing backup for an existing task.  The option is hidden under the caret 'v' to the right of the normal + Add backup option.

See KB 63240: Acronis True Image 2020: how to restore files from a backup (Windows) - and scroll down the document to the section showing how to open .tibx or .tib files in Explorer by double-clicking on the files.

Note: your build version of 25700 for ATI 2020 is downlevel as there has been two further new builds released by Acronis (38530 & 38600) to fix further known issues.  It is recommended to have the latest #38600 build installed.

Posts: 4
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Hi. OK thanks. I need to first install a new SSD as it is reported that there is not enough disk space for the update.  After I do install the update I will see if I can then access my backup. Rich