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Acronis True Image Cloud Upload terribly slow

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When backing up to the Acronis Cloud, I'm seeing VERY SLOW upload speeds (using Task Manager and True Image measurements) of 3.5Mbps.


I have Fiber-to-the-Home symetric Gigabit.  My current results on are:

    Download: 859.34 Mbps

    Upload: 856.32 Mbps

    Ping: 4 ms

And if I use the Acronis Speedtest from my home in San Francisco to the Acronis Phoenix POP I get an upload speed of 120.6 Mbps

    "acronis . speedtestcustom . com/result/910daa70-d9a3-11ea-aa72-6b0f165f74c7"


My CPU usage is 4% according to Task Manager, so it isn't my laptop, nor the priority setting since the CPU is idle most of the time waiting for the Acronis server.  True Image is set to NOT limit bandwidth. 


In other words, the entire issue is on the Acronis server side.  I am only seeing 2.9% of the available bandwidth being used even when considering the limitations of the internet infrastructure on the path to the Acronis data center.  If Acronis had used a better backbone and peering provider then you could say I'm only seeing 0.4% of my available bandwidth.  For now I'd be happy just getting something closer to the 120.6 Mbps available on the current route.  If I use other tools to upload to other clouds (like AWS S3) I easily get north of 300 Mbps (almost 100x faster than Acronis!). 


The current rate of 3.5Mbps shows Acronis has issues with their cloud product.

I have tried this on 4 days over the course of a month.  It is not just today.  It always has the same slow upload at different times of the day and different days.


It is a shame because it is an excellent product in so many other ways.  But if you can't get your data to a safe location, those other nice features don't mean much.




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Brian, welcome to these public User Forums.

I doubt that you would ever be able to use the full upload speed to the Acronis Servers because they are load balancing the connections from many different users.

There have also been various recent negative reports for the Phoenix Data Centre concerning poor performance, where one user actually found he could get much better performance by using the Data Centre in Frankfurt, Germany!!!

I would suggest doing some tests to the different Data Centres around the US to see how they perform for you.

See KB 4350: Acronis Backup to Cloud access ports and hostnames - for details of where all the servers are and what ports they use.

Use the above in conjunction with the Acronis Cloud Connection Verification Tool.

If you still have issues, then please open a Support Case direct with Acronis as they are the only ones with access to the server side of the Cloud support.

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Probably a bit late - I have not visited the forum for a couple of days. I have a 100/36 Mbps cable connection and on a good day it can average about 25 Mbps for a backup. On a bad day much lower. As I have multiple PC, it is difficult to be absolutely sure as there may be more than one backing up at the same time.