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Activity Log - how to remove old entries

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I backup daily using the latest version of True Home Image - it works well. However, the activity log has accumulated about a year's worth of daily entries, and has become unwieldy and awkward to use. I want to cut it back to the most recent two months, but as far as I can tell Acronis offers no way to do this or to otherwise manage that log.

If there is a way, can someone please explain how or point me to the relevant instructions?

If there is no way through the Acronis application or website, then I would like to edit the log file myself. What is the name of that file, and where is it stored on my PC, or somewhere accessible in the cloud?

Thanks for any words of wisdom.

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There is no way to clean out unwanted entries in the Activity panel and no obvious file that users can edit that I am aware of!

Activity information is stored in an SQLite database in C:\ProgramData\Acronis\TrueImageHome\Database\ActivityStorage but you would need to use a tool such as the free DB Browser for SQLite in order to browse the contents which are not easy to recognise!

The other option here would be to use the option to 'Clone settings' for your backup task to create a duplicate new task, rename the cloned task and set it to backup to a new destination folder, then use this new task for your daily backups until you repeat the same process after your 2 month period has expired again.  The original task could be removed from the list of tasks by using the Delete option and electing to remove only the settings.

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I've looked into the activity log and would advise against editing it directly. There are multiple tables and cross links so it would be very easy to mess up.



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Thank you Steve Smith and BrunoC for your responses.

A few months ago, while dealing with Acronis about another (not very serious) issue, I raised the subject of the endlessly growing and increasingly unwieldy activity file. I recommended that they offer a user the option to  a) delete some number of the oldest entries, or better  b) set a limit on the number of entries, 60 for example, where, after reaching 60 entries, at each new backup session the oldest entry would be deleted. I was thanked and told the suggestion would be passed on to the product development team. Whether it really was, or whether anyone is paying any attention to it, I have no idea. But I continue to believe, strongly, that the way it is now is a significant design weakness in an otherwise fine product.

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Hello Everyone,

we've registered a feature request based on this case (internal ID for reference TI-225062 A universal single user-configurable policy on logs cleanup: by age and size), thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Acronis True Image product!

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Thanks, Ekaterina

I'm glad to see that Acronis seems to be paying attention to this issue, finally. My activity file is now more than a year old. All but the last 40 entries is obsolete, useless information; but it stays on, taking longer and longer to load, and consuming more and more disk space somewhere.

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Good to know, look forward to updates with this new feature.