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ATI 2020 crashes 20 seconds after opening on Windows 10 PC

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Hey all,

I've had ATI on my laptop at work for many years without issue, running up to date Windows 10 Pro. Today it kept telling me that the backup drive was missing when it wasn't. 

I decided to delete the backups completely and start again. From then on, each time I try to open the app and get the backups going it crashes 10-20 seconds later. It is running in the system tray fine, it is when I try to get the user interface open it crashes. Not enough time for me to enter the details of the backup I want to create before crashing.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have tried uninstalling followed by the cleanup tool and then reinstall. I have also tried older versions that are available for download.

Same each time. 

Any clues about what is going on?



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Mick, welcome to these public User Forums.

Is this issue happening on the laptop you mention where you have had ATI for some years and without any problems?

Given that you have already gone through many of the obvious actions, i.e. uninstalling / running the Acronis Cleanup tool, reinstalling, the only real question to ask is to confirm that the reinstall was performed from an Administrator account (to give ATI all required privileges etc)?

If you have installed as Administrator / running ATI the same, then if the ATI GUI is crashing on launch, then the next question has to be:  what else has changed recently on this PC?

Have you installed any different security applications?

Can you confirm that the install of ATI completes successfully?

Please collect an Acronis System Report zip file and share this via a cloud service (Dropbox, OneDrive etc).  You can send me a link via a private message if you prefer to not use such a link in these forums, but please keep this discussion here.

KB 58820: Acronis True Image: Collecting System Report

KB 36429: Acronis Software: exclude program folders and executables from antivirus and other security programs

KB 46430: Acronis Software: Making Acronis Products Compatible with Antivirus Software

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for taking the time to help. 

I was so caught up in uninstalling and reinstalling I forgot to look if anything else had changed. After reading your post I checked and noticed Google Chrome, MS Office, and MS Edge had all updated yesterday.

I uninstalled all of the updates and ATI started working. I then updated all the programs one by one and still working. A bit confused but all okay now. 

Thanks for the help.


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Mick, glad you have been able to resolve this issue and all is back to working, thanks for the feedback.

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This would lead me to believe that one of the updates involved a common library with ATI that did not update correctly, and was not detected as an error. I wonder if there was a disk write failure.