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Backup drive deleted when plugging it into USB

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For years since ATI 2014 I've been making a full backup to an external drive on a Saturday then incrementals the rest if the week. The following Saturday I remove the disk and put a 2nd one on. There are 3 backups for drives C:, D: and E: into separate folders under an umbrella \Acronis folder. The cycle then repeats ad nauseum. The last couple of weeks while using ATI 2021 when plugging the external disk drive in the drive letter (F:) has not been recognised and Windows 10 Disk Management shows an active partition but all files have been deleted. I have to reformat the drive and reallocate the drive letter. Obviously this is not great for a backup disk! Has this happened to anyone else and is there a fix? I don't know whether it's an Acronis or a Windows 10 issue. It's only the disks containing Acronis .tibx files that are affected. If I plug another drive that doesn't contain Acronis files into the same USB port it is not cleared.

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