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bluescreen after problems with RAID controller

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old but important XP-PC with RAID 1, mainboard: Fujitsu D2778-D

After some troubleshooting with the graphics adapter, the 2 hard disks were not listed in the BIOS anymore and error messages "expansion ROM not initialized" and "mass storage controller error" were shown. Maybe this related to the RAID controller. I separated one of the disks. After that the remaining HDD was listed and Windows XP started but crashed with a bluescreen (disappeared too fast to read). I resetted BIOS to default (mode changed from RAID to AHCI) and started both HDDs separately. Same picture: WIndows start ends with a blue screen. My idea to resolve this:

1) Make a backup with Acronis True Image

2) Enable RAID mode again in the BIOS and set up RAID1 (Intel Matrix RAID) with one of the too disks, hoping that the RAID controller now works correctly again. 

3) Copy the backup to this disk which is in RAID mode. Hope that Acronis 2020 is capable of restoring backup from non RAID to RAID for this old mainboard and that bluescreen does not occur and Windows starts correctly.

4) Rebuild the RAID array with the other disk.

Is this the right way? Or should I try to replace the motherboard or update the BIOS first? Thank you very much for your help!

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I recommend that you get hold of your motherboard user manual and read how to turn on the raid controller on the board.  Replace the suspected failed disk of the two you have.  After the disk replacement boot to the bios setup and make the necessary to turn on the raid function then reboot into the raid utility which should be achieved by pressing an F key during boot such as F11, your manual should describe how to do that.  Once in the raid utility you should have options to rebuild the raid array and once you start that process the controller will rebuild the raid array.

If you do not have options to rebuild or you cannot access the controller utility then that suggests that the controller is defective which would mean a motherboard replacement if you can find one.