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Dbl-click *.TIB fails to recover files on new computer

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I have been trying, literally for days, to recover/copy files in a ATI for WD *.tib.  The TIB was created on an external USB connected to Computer1.  I need to recover them (copy them) to Computer2 due to catastrophic boot disk failure on Computer1.

Per User Guide (Help), I install ATI on Computer2, plug in the USB holding the *.TIBs, then try to use Windows Explorer to navigate to & select/copy the relevant files in the TIB from the USB to Computer2.

There are 4 incremental backup's and 1 full backup, and they are a selection of data files -- not a disk image.'

1.  In Windows Explorer I first dbl-click on the latest incremental of the series.  Acronis prompts me for the first TIB in the sequence, processes for 10-30 minutes, then prompts for the second and so on until I have selected the last incremental.  At this point the Explorer window refreshes to show the set of incremental backups available, listed by date/time.  So far, so good.

2.  I select (Open/Explore) the Date/time backup I want, then am prompted for the initial *.TIB for that series and wait about 5 mins, then am prompted to "Locate the volume with 2" then wait a longer time  before being prompted for "volume with 3"...longer wait... prompted for "volume with 4".

Now the Explorer window refreshes to show the drive letter: e.g., C:\    This takes, all told, about 1/2 hour, but I am making progress, albeit slowly.

3.  I select the drive letter and repeat the process:  ie, identify, when prompted, the first *.TIB in series, the s2, the s3 and finally the s4.  

Now I see the folders off the root:  e.g., \Users .  

4.   The above process and lengthy waits repeat each time I move down the directory structure to the folder I want to recover.  This is excruciatingly slow, but hey...maybe I will eventually recover the files!  Except that deeper in the directory structure, after the picking the final sequence TIB, the progress bar never completes--even overnight!

Yes, I have tried searching for a folder name:  e.g., Documents.   No joy.



Computer1:  Windows 10, fully patched.  This system failed.

Computer2:  Windows 10, fully patched; 16gB RAM; 400gB free disk space.  Trying to restore to this system from TIBs on USB.

ATI for WD (Build 39200)

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See KB 2201: Support for OEM Versions of Acronis Products which applies to all OEM versions of ATI supplied with hardware purchases.

Are you able to open ATI for WD on the second computer, i.e. open the main GUI application to get to the point where you could create a new Backup?

If you can, then try using the option to 'Add existing backup' which is found behind the caret 'v' to the right of the normal + Add backup option.  Select the most recent .tib file from your external USB storage drive to be added which will create a Backup task in the GUI using the file name.  Once done you should then be able to open the Recovery page for the task in the GUI and look at your files in that way plus you can perform a validation of the backup chain of files to confirm that all required files are present.