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Delete folders/drives within a back up

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When I first created a back-up on my computer I unfortunately included all drives. The result is I have filled up the USB back-up drive. I have sense gone in and eliminated a few drives from the back up selection but because my back-up drive is full I can not run another back-up to apply the new selection. Is there anyway to delete just folders or drives from the existing back-up?

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Unfortunately there is no way to edit the content of the backup. Assuming that the backup task was created with ATI 2020, you can remove older backup chains from within ATI 2020. This will delete the full backup and the associated incremental or differential backups.

If the backup was created with ATI 2019 or earlier you can reduce space taken up by deleting all the incremental backups from a backup chain using Explorer or you preferred file manager, then validating the backup and selecting ignore whenever an error message pops up. I do not recommend doing this as it is possible to accidentally make a mess of things.

If you really need to retain the backups of some of the partitions, then the only safe option is to buy a new USB HDD. Compared to the cost of data loss the cost of a medium sized USB HDD (say 4 TB) is insignificant. You can get such drives for under US$100.