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Deleting Old Backups from External Hard Drives?

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To conserve and free up space, can I delete older backups from my external drives?

Or, does Acronis automatically delete older backup files after a specified time?

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Jeffrey, the answer to your first question is 'it depends'...

If your older backups are from tasks that are no longer present in the ATI GUI, then they can be deleted using Explorer provided that Acronis Active Protection is not active to prevent the action.

If the backups and tasks that created them are still shown in the GUI, then use the tool provided in the GUI for each task to 'Clean up versions'.

Acronis will never automatically delete older backup files unless it has been configured to do so using the 'Automatic cleanup' rules for the task.

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And even if the backups are no longer present in the ATI GUI, be careful about deleting .tibx files. Depending on how the files were created, you want to avoid deleting a part of a chain which could render a file unable to restore.