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Dell XPS 8700 Win Pro - Cloned Disc but had to install drivers ( normal)?

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So I cloned my HD I just used the Acronis desktop dashboard the clone process went ok and I received that it completed  successfully.

So I put the cloned HDD into my pc and turned it on. All my desktop Icons were huge and then I saw a pop up that it was installing drivers. That took quite a long time but no sound. I restarted the PC a few times and they I saw a pop up that it was installing the audio drivers.


Is that normal for a cloned disc?  Perhaps if I cloned a hdd using the Acronis boot disc it would of worked the correct way?

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When cloning a disk, particularly if done from within Windows can cause problems, particularly if the drive being cloned contains the operating system. However, the issues you are reporting are unusual; in my experience if the cloned drive boots successfully everything has been OK. Because of the (possibly remote) risk of something going wrong, I prefer to (i) use the recovery media, and (ii) rather than cloning, I create a backup then recover to the new disk.


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Actually I do both but with Win7 no longer available makes me want to have both just something really goes wrong I have a second chance.

I'm going to try cloning one more time using the Acronis boot disc and see what happens.

Another question, can I just copy a tib or tib backup and paste it to a extra hard drive and use that to recover if necessary.?




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If you have been doing the cloning on the same Win 7 system, then there should be no issues with extra device drivers being needed to install.  If the clone is done on a different system, then changes in drivers can occur.

Copying .TIB files should be Ok provided all associated files are copied together and you will be using rescue media to perform the later actions such as recovery.  If you copy .TIB files and then try to recover from the Windows ATI GUI, this can cause confusion if the original files are still in place and the task that created them is shown in the GUI.  This is because Acronis records file names and storage locations in its internal SQL database.