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Disk full error on restore (Mac)

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I am attempting to restore my Mac’s hard drive from a recent Acronis 2020 backup. I had an issue with a Mac OS upgrade that was corrupted - Apple had to erase my hard drive and reinstall Mac OS.  Now, when I attempt the restore (using Acronis recovery media) from that backup, it fails with “disk is full” error - screenshots are attached.  I’ve contacted Acronis support for assistance but they haven’t been able to help.  There should be sufficient room on the hard drive since it was just backed up right before the failed OS upgrade. Any suggestions?

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Robert, welcome to these public User Forums.

Caveat: I am a Windows user with no direct experience of using ATI on any Mac.

My first recommendation here would be to take a full Disk backup of the working MacOS disk that is on the disk at present.  This will give you a means of getting back to the same state if needed.

Next, I would suggest following the steps in the ATI 2020 for Mac User Guide: Recovering your Mac section, which requires that you have first created the Acronis Rescue Media to use to boot your Mac from.

I would expect that the recovery process should initialise the target OS Disk drive in order to recover the partition structure and data from your backup image.  That is how it works with Windows.

If you have already done all of the above, then I can only recommend either opening a support ticket direct with Acronis or else raising this topic in the dedicated ATI for Mac Forum.

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Thanks for your feedback, Steve.  I’ve also posted in the Mac forum.