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Failed to connect to the Acronis server. Check your Internet connection or try again later.

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I keep getting "Failed to connect to the Acronis server. Check your Internet connection or try again later." message after installing Acronis True Image OEM downloaded from Acronis site.

Login credentials are fine, I logged in without any trouble on my Acronis account through browser.

Any help would be much appreciated, this is getting frustrating.

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Acronis itself does not provide end user support for OEM versions of ATI/ACPHO, that is the responsibility of the OEM. Not sure how much assistance they would be. Usually it is down to members of the user community to help sort out issues.

Not sure it is relevant, but whet OEM is involved?

Are you using the MAC of Windows version?

Can you provide the build number - assuming ATI load, that information should be on the Account Tab.

If you cannot get it that way, you can get it from the file properties of the installer file (if you still have it); load explorer (or your preferred file manager), right click and select properties (last item) [if you are using Windows 11 properties may not be shown, in which case click on the item "show more" or some such). A few day ago I downloaded the latest build of the WD OEM version, and the file properties are shown below:

In this case the build number is relatively recent. If you have an old build, see if there is a more recent build on the OEM support site.

You could also try doing a repair installation (using the latest build) - 60195: Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, Acronis True Image: repair, update and clean installations on Windows

You may also be having the problem referred to in this thread - which should be fixed by downloading the latest build.