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Fixing Optane Problems

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Ran into a problem restoring tibx's to an HP17t with 32gb Optane and 512GB Intel SSD. Restores using 2020 worked OK to the SSD but the Optane got disconnected each time.  I used the AcronisTrueImage2020_25700.iso on a flashdrive and booted restoring from an external 5tb for a 300GB tibx. This is how I fixed it. Incidentally it backed up at 1,200+ MBps using USB 3.1 to a Seagate 5TB 3.5 inch drive with 256mb cache.

Go to Intel site and download the RST driver update and the Intel SSD Toolbox.

Update the RST driver to the latest.

Clear the Optane metadata.

Pair the Optane with the SSD

No data was harmed and everything is back to normal.

Took a bit of research and trial and error but it has worked a couple of times.

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Thank you for taking the time to share your solution, Anthony!