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How to repair the TI 2020 build 22510 boot disk created in Windows 7 using the Simple option

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There is a bug in the media builder in TI 2020 build 22510 when used on Windows 7 computers with the Simple option. The resulting disk will hang at the Windows 7 start screen. It can be fixed by making a change in the WinRE registry.

Follow these steps:

1. It is much easier if the media was created on a USB disk.

2. The WinRE registry is hidden in the boot.wim file. You will find it in the sources folder on the USB disk.

3. Create a new folder named mount in your C:.

4. Open a command window in Windows 7 with Administrative privileges and enter:

dism /Mount-Wim /WimFile:F:\sources\boot.wim /Index:1 /MountDir:C:\mount

where F: represents the drive letter of the USB disk with the recovery media.

5. Run regedit.exe and highlight HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE on the left side. In the menu select File/Load Hive. In the window that opens, navigate to C:\mount\Windows\System32\config. Select SYSTEM on the right side and click the Open button. In the window that opens, name the hive PE_SYSTEM and click the Okay button.

6. On the left side click the arrow next to HKLM\PE_SYSTEM. Navigate down to HKLM\PE_SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{71a27cdd-812a-11d0-bec7-08002be2092f}

7. Highlight UpperFilters on the right side. In the menu select Edit/Modify. Highlight the word volsnap in the resulting window. Make very sure only the word volsnap is highlighted. Hit the delete key twice and click the OK button. You should see that only fltsrv is left on the right side under UpperFilters.

8. Highlight the PE_SYSTEM hive on the left side. In the menu select Unload Hive.

9. Exit regedit.

10. Open a command window with Administrative privileges and enter:

dism /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:C:\mount /commit

When the changes are saves and a command prompt is returned close the command window.

You recovery media should boot successfully now.

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Paul, thank you for sharing your expertise here - hopefully this might be pinned as a sticky topic!

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Steve, your welcome.

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Another solution is to create the media using the MVP Tool. It works using the build from WinRE option. No ADK or WAIK required.

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Great find Paul, for clarity this applies only to a Simple build WinRE and not an Advanced build WinPE correct?  In addition this is specific to Windows 7 installs as well?

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Actually, this applies to a few situations:

1. Windows 7 Simple option (builds from Windows 7 WinRE on the system.)

2. Windows 7 Advanced WinPE built using Windows 10 ADK versions 1507 and 1511. Not many people will use these ADKs.

3. Windows 10 Advanced WinPE built using Windows 10 ADK versions 1507 and 1511. Not many people will use these ADKs.

4. Windows 10 Simple option if the Windows 10 system is 1507 or 1511. Not many people are still on these early Windows 10 systems.

It sounds complicated, but is simple to remember. The volsnap UpperFilter registry entry is causing a conflict with Windows 7  boot media and Windows 10 ADK's 1507 and 1511. The problem doesn't exist when building on Windows 7 systems using the Windows 7 WAIK because Acronis didn't add the volsnap UpperFilter in this case.

They have acknowledged the problem and should have it fixed in the next update. 

You may wonder why this problem just showed up in TI 2020 build 22510. It is because Acronis added the volsnap UpperFilter to build 22510 to fix the BitLocker problem with previous TI versions. It was a brilliant solution and I give then great credit. It just happens that there is a conflict with earlier WinPE/WinRE versions. This is a Microsoft issue not an Acronis issue. Microsoft keeps changing thing that make it difficult on all of us. 


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Thank you Paul for that excellent clarification.  I give this a 1 up vote for this thread to become a sticky!  Kudos!

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Paul, I just read this thread for the first time. The problem I had in creating a rescue media was probably related to this issue as to why it would not boot. Of course in my system, it should not have been using the Windows 7 recovery partition to create the rescue drive since I'd just upgraded to Windows 10. One issue leading to another.

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Good. Thank you for sharing, this article was quite helpful to many people.