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Keep size of the backup no more than [defined size] no longer available in ATI 2020

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I asked Acronis Support what happened to this retention policy option. They first responded that it was there and explained how to get there, which of course I already knew. So I had to send them screenshots to show the difference between a brand new backup in ATI 2020 (with the new tibx format) and one that existed before (and therefore still using the tib format).

Here is the response I received (pasted verbatim with the poor grammar):
===== begin =====
Hello Pierre,

Thank you for your response.

Pierre, this is to keep you informed that, "Keep size of the backup no more than [defined size]" Option has removed for local backups created by Acronis True Image 2020 or later.

If any backup task was configured in earlier version and continuing in 2020, this option will available. For new backup task in Acronis True Image 2020 this option is not available anymore.
===== end =====

I then asked why the most useful retention policy option was removed, and why that decision was made, but never got an answer.

As an IT consultant, I recommended ATI Home to all my clients for the past 3 years. I have now made the decision to no longer recommend ATI and I will switch to another vendor. Macrium Reflect has never looked so good. I just need to spend more time with it to gain a little more familiarity with the product.

What a ridiculous decision Acronis made. Anyone else feeling the same?

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Pierre, I can only say that this is one feature of ATI that I have never used, and didn't really see the need for with access to larger, faster disk drives.  I only really use the 'Store no more than X recent version chains' for my backup tasks, which works fine for me under almost all circumstances (apart from Acronis resetting my configurations with their Dashboard fiasco!).

Using that setting, I know that I need to allow for X+1 full backups plus X x any incremental or differential files on my backup destination for the automatic cleanup rules to fire properly.

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Pierre, while I have never used this option I can see it could be useful in some cases - perhaps if you have multiple backups going to the same target drive and don't want any of them hogging the space.  While Steve's comment about drives getting larger and faster, upgrading is still a hassle ... particularly if the drive is a NAS with non-upgradable drives.

The downside of this cleanup scheme is that the time span represented per complete chain varies.  This is sometimes an important consideration.

You could submit a Feedback to Acronis letting them know that this design decision is causing them to lose customers.

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I'm with you, Pierre.  I used this feature many times in the past.  When I do a complete disk backup, I don't want the backup to equal the size of the disk, but the size of the data saved on the disk.

Kind regards,


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Hello Everyone,

registered your feedback in our internal system, thank you! 

> I then asked why the most useful retention policy option was removed, and why that decision was made, but never got an answer.

The feature was not removed on purpose, this is one of the current limitations of the .tibx archive. The functionality may still be added for.tibx backups in the future versions of the product.