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must switch off at night... or must be always ON and available in Local Network 24h/24h?

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NAS systems like Iomega/Lenovo, Buffalo or Seagate... In everyday use or stand by --- must switch off at night... or must be always ON and available in Local Network 24h/24h?

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By definition most NAS systems are designed to be in continuous use and available 24/7 for 365 days but should provide their own power saving options to help reduce power to drives etc when are not in active use.

My own Synology NAS is powered on continuously and has been since it was purchased around 3 years ago with no obvious issues.  I have various scheduled backups going to it during the day and night.

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It will depend on the NAS.  Many have their own power settings.  Personally, I need/want my NAS on 24/7 as it is a backup drive that has many scheduled jobs running on it and I don't want a backup to fail if it is powered down and can't spin up fast enough to be available when backups need to run.  Plus, I also host media from my NAS to Plex and want the content to be available all the time too.

If you do need/want power saving, then you will run to schedule jobs with a pre-script (probably) to allow enough time for the NAS to wake up when a backup job kicks off.  Otherwise, if it's sleeping and doesn't wake up fast enough, the backup may just fail because the disk is not available.

Here's a screenshot of a WD MyCloud 4TB NAS... under the settings tab, there is an energy savers option that I had to disable.


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I leave my Synology NAS on 24/7; it powers down the HDDs when they are not needed. One reason I do this is that it is under the stairs and a little difficult to get to its on/off switch.