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MVP ATI WinPE Media Builder v. 186 - Wishlist

Thread needs solution
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Have with success used the MVP Acronis WinPE Media Builder v. 18.6,
after some troubles - but with great help from the Team.

After testing the USB Boot stick in my environment, I have some suggestions
to make it even better (IMHO) ;-)

1) <--------
Include the language DA-DK. Not for the language itself, but for the KB
layout. Other foreign users could chime in, with their wishes.
(another thread in the ATI2020 forum has a work-around).

2) <--------
It would be nice in the build-section "Adding some goodies", also to
include a DOS-based GUI version of a "Partition Manager Tool".
There are some Open Source versions out there.

3) <--------
Using a lefthand mouse, so it would be nice in the build, to select
Right- or Lefthand Mouse handling.

4) <--------
In the instructions to map a drive for backup/recovery the instruction
can go awry - if spaces is included in a folder name (MappedDrive and
the two files, map.cmd and map.cmd.bak):
a) net use W: \\ \Ghost Win10 /user:UserId UserPw
should be changed to
b) net use W: "\\ \Ghost Win10" /user:UserId UserPw

5) <--------
It would be nice if it was possible to build (select) the boot device with
SMB v.1 for older legacy NAS devices. Not sure if that could be done.
(another thread in the ATI2020 forum has my solution, changing to a newer
NAS with SMB v.2>).

Thanks for reading - hope for a response from the MVP Team :-)


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