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Just a quick question.  When I backup with Acronis, does it add new data or does it overwrite existing backed up data?


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Bob, welcome to these public User Forums.

When you create a backup task, you first have to decide what type of Backup you want to create and then decide what backup scheme you want to use.

If you create only Full backups, then each new backup is a new file.

If you create Incremental backups, then the first backup is a Full one, then subsequent backups just capture the differences in the Source data since the previous backup.  That new backup is stored according to the type of Backup chosen.
If a Disk Backup, then .tibx files are used and incremental backups are consolidated into the same file as the Full backup.
If a Files Backup, then .tib files are used and incremental backups are in separate .tib files associated with the Full backup.

If you create Differential backups, then this works very similar to Incrementals except that all subsequent backups capture all changes since the initial Full backup each time, so files grow more in size.  Changes are stored in separate .tibx or .tib files.

No data is overwritten by any of the above backup types or methods.

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Thank you Steve for the helpful advice


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Hey Steve,

this helped me aswell. Thanks!