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Stopping initial backup

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I'm a new user. I started by inital full pc backup to the cloud. It's been going for over 24 hours and the estimated time is 26 days to completion.

Can I stop this backup safely and do the backup to my external drive instead. If so, how?


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Joslyn, welcome to these public User Forums.

You should be able to stop the initial full PC backup but it is likely to want to restart itself again unless you take some additional steps to delete the incomplete backup.

One immediate step you can take is to sign out of your Acronis Account on the Account page in the main ATI GUI but you will need to have your license serial available if ATI then decides you are using a trial version of the software, so that you can enter the serial number using the option on the account page.

Next, sign in to your Acronis Account web page and then open the Online Dashboard, and see if you are able to delete the Cloud backup from there.

If the above does not help, then open a support ticket direct with Acronis and ask them to delete the cloud backup from their end on the servers.

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You should be able to "pause" the cloud backup.  Then, create a new local backup and let it run.  

Yeah, that's the biggest gripe i have with the Cloud... super slow for many of us.  It took me almost a month to push 500GB of photos.  All the while, I kept having to manually pause it so that my local backups could run.  In the end it worked, but knowing how long it took to push it to the Cloud, you can imagine the recovery time too.  Personally, Cloud is still OK for offsite, secondary (or third) level recovery in case the local backup(s) get wrecked or fail, but they are definitely my last resort.  I run no less than 2 local backups to different media (one per backup job) and then one more to the cloud. If I lose my family photos, i'm a dead man.