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TI 202 upgrade

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If I am not mistaken, I cannot upgrade my True Image 2020 (perpetual) to 2021 or higher? Only the Cybering thingy is available now, with 40€ yearly subscription?

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Karim, welcome to these public User Forums.

You could purchase a license to ATI 2021 perpetual from a reseller such as Amazon and upgrade in that way but you would find that 2021 includes Acronis Cyber Protection features that require a subscription to use and cannot be fully stopped from running regardless!

If ATI 2020 is working for you, then I would suggest staying with it!

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Steve Smith wrote:


If ATI 2020 is working for you, then I would suggest staying with it!


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Thanks for the replies. I've had this problem since like forever, I am backing up to my QNAP NAS, one full files backup at 09:00 and one incremental disk backup at 20:00, and more often than not the backup fails with a message saying "cannot reach destination" or something. The connection is OK though. Then every time when I launch the backups manually they always succeed. So I was wondering if it was still the case in later versions.

Then something strange happened. After logging in on the Acronis site for the first time in like forever, then logging in here to create this thread, my TI2020 woke up and downloaded update 4, which appears to be available since last march. Now since the 8th all my automated backups run flawlessly, knocking on wood.

Thanks for the advice, I guess I'll stay with TI2020 while it still works, I've been a customer since 2006, then move on to the competition, there is no way I am paying for a yearly sub above 5-10€.