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TI 2020 Feature - Fix - Cloud backup not to hold queue for Direct backup

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Cloud backups should have their own queue, and not put on hold other types of backups.

It's understandable that direct backups (to another drive) have to wait in a queue (or should they??? hmm), but the fact is that a cloud backup could take many hours, and it might not be necessary to put on hold others backups.

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It would certainly be good to give users the option of how many backups are permitted to run simultaneously but I suspect that the core reason why Acronis limits this to only one is because it is using the Microsoft VSS snapshot service which may not allow more than one snapshot to be in process at any one time?

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Steve, as far as I know, VSS can be used simultaneously... for example, I've run Acronis backups at the same time as another backup product and backups were successful in both. I think the limitation might be the availability of space for the volume shadow copy, but really not sure how many people would have trouble with that, although we do see some people with VSS errors due to low space on the snapshot volume.

Purely a guess, but I imagine the Acronis database is the limitation for simultaneous backups. Honestly though, I've got all the big-name home backup products and none of them let's me run multiple backups in that one app, at the same time (to cloud or elsewhere).  I do think it would be awesome if a local backup could be run at the same time as a cloud backup though - if it were possible.  My biggest gripe with Cloud backups is the speed... like the OP, if i Have a new cloud backup, or a big change, none of the other scheduled backups can run to local drives.  It took almost a month for me to push 500GB to the cloud and I would frequently have to manually pause the online backup so that the local backups would have a chance to run throughout.

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Hello IP74,

I've registered your feedback as a feature request (internal ID TI-194626 Cloud backup not to hold queue for local backup), thank you for sharing it here! For now we offer replication to Cloud (Dual protection feature), where the local backup and replication occur simultaneously.