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TIBX format has severe Achilles heel

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It is my understanding that a TIBX backup scheme's entire chain of TIBX backup files must be available in their original backup location in order for ANY backup restoration operation to be possible from ANY of the TIBX backups. Therefore, if a single TIBX file becomes damaged (or maybe accidentally deleted) then ALL backups after that backup group become unusable! Is this true?

For example, let's assume a TIBX daily backup scheme where a new full backup occurs after each full+6 incrementals. So, after 12 weeks you would have 12 TIBX backup files. If let's say the 3rd backup file becomes damaged or lost, then you could not restore ANYTHING more recent than the 2nd week! And there isn't any workaround?!?!

This is unlike the previous TIB backup format where backup files can standalone and don't have this IMO very dangerous dependency.

And to make matters worse, it is almost impossible to create new TIB backup schemes using True Image 2020. That is, one is forced to migrate to the TIBX format.

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Rick, there are definitley some limitations with the new tibx backup chains but for most users this shouldn't be a real issue if the chains are configured with minimal user maintenance involved.

By this I mean, I setup a backup to my external drive with max 2 chains of full backups plus 6 incremental files and let ATI do any cleaning up of older files.  I have no need to touch the files on the drive and I have not seen any indication that tibx files are more likely to become corrupted or damaged (allowing for the exception if the drive itself goes bad, when all bets are off!).  So, when I need to recover from any of these files, there should be no issues either.

If this approach is coupled with best practise of having further backup chains in other locations, including some kept offline, then again the risk should be both mitigated and minimal.

Incremental chains are stored in a single tibx file, so the example above would only have 2 tibx files until a new chain creates a third, then deletes the oldest file via cleanup.

Differential chains are different, in that these do create new files for each new backup, and thus for 2 chains of full backups plus 6 differential files, there would be 14 separate files to be kept on the drive, all of which are 'required' to be present for a recovery.  This is very different from how earlier .tib backup chains worked, where it was possible to take just a pair of files (full plus related differential file) and use them for recovery.

For this type of chain, then keeping multiple backups to different locations is probably much more important until or unless Acronis reverse this dependency issue.

Finally, backups using Full files only, are also interdependent on the files in the chain of full files!

See forum topic: Full Backups no independent entity - where the core issue here was discussed previously.  There is a zipped powershell script here in that topic which moves full backup files to another location to help keep them completely independent of each other.

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I have always used differentials because the full and one diff file was all that was needed to accomplish a total restore of a partition.  That has always been the industry definition of a differential backup.  Now, it seems that Acronis is changing that definition with TIH.  I am now inclined to start using the Incremental plan.  I actually like that idea more than before.  I have never been a fan of loosing one file and loosing the entire chain.

We will wait and see how things word after the next update.  Hopefully, that wont be too much longer.


Steve F.


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Rich, perhaps you should consider submitting a Feedback letting Acronis know how you feel about the new design.  Steve has mentioned backup schemes that lessen your exposure to loss, but if the new design makes you mistrust the product, that is information Acronis needs to know.

Also, if you have used a backup management procedure with previous versions of ATI that no longer works with .tibx, make sure to tell Acronis.

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Hello Everyone,

I've registered your feedback and use cases in the change request TI-190052 Independent Full backups, thank you!

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Hi @Ekaterina,

That would be ideal!  Additionally, each differential backup should be independent of each other too (with just the dependency of the full in that chain and with no other differentials in that chain or any preceeding chains that come afterwards.