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Upgrading to 2020 from 2019 Questions

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1. If I choose to upgrade to 2020 version, will this result in having to do new full backups for all my systems or will the current 2019 backup jobs/backup sets just be continued with the new release?

I ask because I have terabytes of backups and do not really want to start fresh backup sets while having to maintain the older sets.

2. I see all sorts of issues with the backup clean-ups options on 2020 backup sets. If the above answer for number 1 is "no, you can continue 2019 jobs" for continuity, will Clean-Up mess up these upgraded backup sets and corrupt them?

3. I do not use Cloud BU or the Dashboard to control my backups. Will all my jobs options disappear and need to be reset? I see numerous postings about loosing notification settings.

I run a small shop and frankly have been happy with 2019 as it has been stable for sometime (IE - no backup corruptions!) compared to previous releases. I just don't have the time to screw around and risk my data and don't have 100's of Terabytes to be creating multiple backup sets for all my client machines.


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Hello Allen,

1. Although ATI  2020 uses a different format for new disk and partition backups, it will continue to run existing backup tasks so you should not need to create new backup sets.

2. I have not played with this. I would assume it should be OK, but I'll let others chime in on this issue.

3. This was a problem that actually affected users on ATI 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and maybe more. It has been fixed though.

That said, if you are happy with ATI 2019, you may just want to keep it for a while. Do you have a single system you can use to try out ATI 2020 so that you would be comfortable with it before updating clients? I am still running 2019 on my main PC. I would also suggest reading about the new changes in the .tibx files. Many user have been surprised by the differences. Take your time.

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Thanks for the feedback... I can test on a client(s) of course and what I usually do before wholesale upgrades. This time I thought this time I would ask for experiences before diving in.

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Assuming that you and/or your clients have perpetual licences, then absent any new feature that is a must have, then so long as ATI 2019 does everything you want I would defer upgrading, possibly until 2021 is released.

On my mother-in-laws Win 7.1 PC I am still running ATI 2014 and it does everything I need for that PC.