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VSS Doctor Question - Acronis Image 2020

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I’ve got what I think is an easy question…I ran VSS doctor because backups of my data drive (Folders/files only) were taking forever, i.e. I terminated them after 6+ hours (overnight). 

The diagnostic shows I have misconfigured VSS shadow storages:

“For C:\ on C:\ (41GB of 224GB free):  Allocated storage: 3392 MB, Used storage: 3039 MB, Minimum storage size: 320MB, Maximum storage size: 6588MB (Recommended Maximum storage size is 10 percent of volume size)”

When I click “Fix Issues” I’m asked if I understand the consequences.  Short answer:  No.

I was hoping someone could clear that up, and let me know how the issue on my C: drive (SSD) relates to my mechanical data drive…and how I can get my system backing up again. 


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Duplicate of topic: VSS Doctor Questions

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Sorry about that.  When I made the post the other day, I received a "Please try again later" error message.