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Acronis CyberProtection/Antimalware processes running, causing problems despite being disabled in UI

Thread needs solution
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Hi Acronis Team,

Please consider that a lot of people are already running dedicated AV. Please either:

1) Offer an option during installation to NOT install all the "Active Protection" software, Cyperprotection stuff or Cloud backup agents. Not all users see value in "value add bloatware". Call it Expert installation or something similar if you must.

2) If someone has gone to the trouble of intentionally disabling services on the UI please _actually_ disable the services. At the moment the processes keep running in the background.

In my case mms_mini.exe keeps using a hefty chunk of my CPU time (on a 16C/32T machine). God knows what it is trying to do as everything relating to it is supposedly disabled on the UI. I have all protections disabled, do not use the cloud backup feature, etc yet all Acronis services still are running. All I want from Acronis Image is what it is supposed to do best. 

I currently have to disable services in Windows, but after each update they are re-instated. I don't see why as a user I have to resort to this when these could have been not-installed in the first place (as is best practice if they are not needed).

I can't speak for other users but if Acronis continues adding bloatware at this rate without giving us the option to disable it properly or best yet, not install it at all I will be forced to look elsewhere in the future. I can only imagine that other users have the same frustrations.

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Iakovos, welcome to these public User Forums.

Please submit Feedback directly to Acronis (use the tool provided in the GUI Help section) and ask for your vote to be added to the Acronis internal feature request: TI-213392 Allow installation without Antimalware components

See KB 65464: Acronis True Image 2021: Windows services and processes - which has a more detailed description of each of these components!

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Thank you for your answer Steve, and thank you for your welcome.

This is the link I have referenced to know which services to disable, however I wasn't sure how to provide that feedback to Acronis (rather than other users). Thank you for explaining.


Kind regards,



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Hello Iakovos

I've registered your feedback in the existing change request TI-213392 , thank you! May I also ask you to send us Acronis system report from your PC and a short description of the issue\how it affects your PC via the Feedback option? I'll pass it to the RnD for review. Though the processes continue running in the background, this shouldn't affect the system and performance in any way and needs to be investigated. 

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Hi Ekaterina, I submitted a new support case yesterday because of the constant logging that I am seeing for the AAP and ACP logs on my main machine despite having all protection 'turned off permanently'!  I haven't seen a support case number yet but it remains a concern that all such background activity is being performed by the new protection feature when the user believes it is turned off!

What further concerns me is that these AAP and ACP logs look to be showing regular scanning of Windows System components and looking for protection updates!  Why?

When Protection is 'turned off permanently' in the ATI GUI, then I and the other users do not expect to see constant background activities such as these!  Like the other users in this and other related topics, I want to have a version of ATI without these extra security features!

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Ekaterina, please add my vote for all this.

I have had the same concerns as Steve re logging since the beta. When I compare to my ATI 2019 system, the logs are significantly bigger. Also, the constant checks for database updates seems quite excessive compared to other AV programs. But the checks when protection is off are totally unnecessary.

I hope we don't have to wait until ATI 2022 to see this. Perhaps Acronis could soon provide an update that could turn it all off on our existing systems. I suspect this is a very high priority for many users.

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Support case 04838315 now opened to complain of the continuous background protection activity being performed when all Protection is 'turned off permanently' in the ATI GUI. 

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You can also add my vote for this.  I have been corresponding with Steve and Bruno on this for the past couple of weeks about the problems the cyber protection and active protection cause.  You cannot turn them off using the setting in the UI of the app, and neither have an option to stop them in services.  You can disable or set them to manual, but the next time you start ATI those services start up again and are changed back to automatic.  "Off" is not really off.  I have found a way around it, but I should not have to do that and it is a nuisance to do so.

I am an experienced user who has used your product for over a decade and it has saved me numerous times.  You have the best backup-recovery software available and priced fairly, so please stick to what you do best!  That is why I use it - not to get useless bloatware.  If you want to have cyber and active protection, then please do it in a separate application.  It has no business cluttering the backup software.  I have sufficient protection for these and do not need it in your app, and it takes more than 500 MB just for the related files they use.  If you insist on leaving these included with ATI, then please give us the option to install ATI without either or both if we so desire.  That is what most other software vendors do, and so should you.

Having these services included in ATI makes about as much sense as having some of your other apps included in it, like Acronis Disk Director.

Thank you!



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Please add my support to not installing the malware with the backup solutions. Two of my systems are rendered useless - one is heavy with Office 365 where it insists upon scanning every file each time I start an Office application. The third, oddly, works like a charm.

Even upon disabling the malware pieces, it then resets my settings in Security center to bother me every 5 minutes that something is disabled, even if I disable the notifications, they come back and I have to reset them again.

Further, it slows my internet to a crawl when it's installed - so much so that webpages barely load and small emails only download headers in Outlook. The backup processes indicate times over a week to complete upload of 40 gigs?

I would submit a request from within the utility, but I'm not going to install it again and be unproductive for a day after it took a month of me tinkering to find out what's wrong with my system, only to narrow it down to Acronis' bad ideas.

I've used the backup product for well over a decade and finally jumped on the subscription package. I'm not terribly interested in using this product anymore or bothering to pay yearly for features that I don't need or want and which end up getting in the way.

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Please add my vote to this.  If 2022 comes with subscription or the same inability to turn off the cyber protection, then I will call it quits and look for another solution.