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Perpetual license

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I run Acronis on 3 Computers now with a perpetual license. I just built a new computer and need an additional license. I want to pay only once for Acronis. It looks like they are now charging 49.99 a year. I do not need any additional assistance with the program. If I purchase this do I have to renew it every year? Looking at switching over to Macrium.   

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Paul, Acronis are / have done away with direct selling of perpetual licenses but you should still be able to find them via resellers such as Amazon etc.

See KB 68375: Licensing change FAQ: Acronis products switch to subscription-only licenses - where this unwelcome change was announced recently!

Other competitors are still providing perpetual licensed products - see forum topic: Reflecting on a Post-ATI World where users have shared some of their thinking in that area.

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It's unfortunate, but it is true. Acronis no longer sells perpetual licenses of True Image.

I was the first to stir up a discussion about this on the forum back in March 2021.

There was no official information about this anywhere, they just silently started removing the options to purchase new perpetual licenses from the Acronis online store.

Some time after I got people talking about it, Acronis finally made an announcement where they said they would no longer be selling perpetual licenses of True Image. For reasons you can read all about by following the link that Steve posted above.

They basically said that the Internet is full of villains and that Acronis is here to protect us from these bad actors. But in order to fulfill that honorable mission they need us to pay them a monthly or annual fee, that is we need to subscribe to a service for what was previously a boxed product.

They also made the argument that they are moving to a subscription model because the majority of their customers are favoring and even requesting a subscription model. So rather than complement the perpetual license model, they decided to completely remove it and replace it with a subscription only model.

I don't know what they mean by "majority". They never presented any numbers to back this up. But I can tell by my occasional visits here that I am not alone in wanting a perpetually licensed product as an option, just as much as someone would want a subscription model. Why can't the two co-exist? There is no sane reason for this, other than profit (of course, the way this world works, sanity is measured in profit).

I was in a similar situation as you are now Paul. You are not alone. What I did is I ordered True Image 2021 with perpetual license from Amazon Germany. It's a physical cardboard box that's hollow and contains nothing more than some papers and stickers. They have not even included the polycarbonate plastic DVD disc with the actual software on. What you pay for is your right to use it, how you actually get the software is by Internet. You can have a look at my unboxing to get an idea of what's inside. I could have ordered an ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) license, also available from Amazon, but I chose the boxed version as it's the same thing and it was cheaper than ESD (or pay more to "save" the environment).