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Recovery has completed with errors. Where are the errors?

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Tried to recover some files from a backup to their original location. Acronis True Image 2021 reports "Recovery has completed with errors." but I cannot see any errors, except that the files are not recovered. Tried again pointing the recover to my Desktop. Now the folder gets recovered, but not its contents. Same error report.

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There is a new MVP Assistant log viewer tool that has now been made available by Acronis via the Community Tools page.. 

If you have Disks & Partitions backups created on ATI 2020 or later using .tibx files, then look in the Backup Worker logs.

If you have Files & Folders backups using .tib files (or Disk backup using same) then look in the Demon logs.

The log for your recovery task, assuming this was done in Windows, should show what the errors are here?