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Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server 9.7

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i got very strange login failure when i try to use acronis managment console during back up whole system procedure ...

after succefull remote deploy and install of remote agent on windows xp sp3
with shared ADMIN$ C:\WINDOWS ..
looks pritty usual and already succefuly used configuration to me..

well the first difference from normal is a small logon pòpup windows come up and it askin for password confirmation in a field where i cannon change login and it does not allow to login to any user with right password or even without... and i cannot excape that popup window and manupulate with acronis remote managment console unless i close this window by pressing Cancel
the second strange things is after i click cancel finaly i can manipulate with managment console BUT ..
the checkbox for back up whole system is unaviable

only the disk and folders chekbox used and i cannot uncheck it

the result i can not make the whole system back up !

Posts: 1
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to be more exact ....that logon popup never happand before in normal