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Deleting incremental backups

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I think a simple question here. If I have a full backup and incrementals in a directory, can I delete the *latest* incremental backup, and then the next time an incremental backup is run, I will still be completely protected, because Acronis will recognize what is different on my computer from the full and previous incrementals that still exist in the backup directory?

I hope I asked that clearly enough.

--Steve D.

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How to perform an incremental backup in acronis true image cloud 2016?


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Hi Connell,

please find an instruction here:

Thank you,

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I believe you misunderstood the question.  I have the same question:

I am doing incremental backups.  If currently there are 5 incrementals, and I use Windows Explorer to delete the 5th .tib file, will the next backup include all files updated since the 4th incremental?

If I have 5 chains and a few increments of a 6th chain, can I delete the entire 6th chain?  Will the next backup start fresh?

I have a disk with a bad sector.  So I need to eliminate all files associated with that sector.

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Hello Art L,

Thank you for your posting! If you delete the 5th incremental, the new incremental backup will include all the changes made to the system after the 4th backup. However be aware, that we do not recommend moving or deleting backups manually in Windows Explorer, because the products database is not updated after these changes, which may cause issues with the counters in the backup chain (the 6th backup created instead of 5th). You'll need to validate the archive to update the information in the database. 

If you removed some files from your system, that were captured in the old backup 5, these files won't be included in the new incremental backup.

Thank you,