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Determine edition and version on the basis of tib file

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Hi guys,

1st question:

Is it possible to determine (i.e. with a hex editor) the edition and version
of the acronis application with which the tib file was created?

In our company we use Acronis TrueImage since 2004 till now.
During this time tons of backupimages were created with several editions and versions;
by name: TrueImage Server V7, V8, V9.1, EchoServer and TrueImage Home 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

Unfortunately we have some cases, that newer versions/editions can´t mount older images.
Then we have to spend much time to find out which Acronis application fits to a tib archive.
It´s a boring trial-and-error method with all the acronis boot medias...

2nd question:
Knowing the backward compatibility of TrueImage Home Versions
we further want to ask:
Does anybody know a crossward compatibility list
(between TI Server and TI Home)?


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Hi Anton,
thank you for your posting!
Unfortunately, the answer to both of your questions is no.
There is no option to find out which Acronis product version created a backup file.
And no, we don't support compatibility of archives created by Acronis Backup with Acronis True Image and vice versa:
Thank you,

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What's the expected behavior when one tries to open a file from a too new or too old version?

Does Acronis software pop out something like "wrong version" "unsupported files" or it simply tries to work with that strange object and then it fails?