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Echo True Image server: Regkeys left behind in "HKLM\System\ControlSet001\Enum\SCSI"

Thread needs solution
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Please see the attached screen dump.
The screen dump is of the registry after unstalling Acronis True Image Echo server from the WIndows 2003 server. But before reboot (I did not reboot yet - waiting for your input.....)

I have checked and removed the snapman*, timounter and other relevant strings from the CurrentControlSet/CurrentControl001 regkeys as described in Acronis articles.

But these strings are left behind...
For each of the logical HP SCSI disk volumes there is a subkey called "Control" containing a string called "ActiveService" with the value of "snapman380"

I have not yet rebooted the server - do I dare to??
Will it disappear after the first reboot?


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I have compared with other Windows 2003 server without Acronis installed.
In some cases the "ActiveService" has the value of "Disk" - some does not...