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Filename corruption - headaches ~xxxxxxxx at end of most filenames

Thread needs solution
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Really need to work out a way of removing these extra extension after a restore

I have 1000's of files which cannot be opened as they have this at the end as well as duplicates

copying the data again is not an option as files are being changed

any thoughts

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Hi Deval,

years later I have the same problem as you using Acronis 2015. I see no one has responded to you! There is an old/closed discussion of the problem from 2010 at Wilders Security Forums:…

Today I restored 2.5GB of data that was a simple folder/data backup all from one drive to one drive. I think every file had corrupt extension, with tilda ("~") followed by uppercase alphanumeric characters. Impossible to open the files.

This advice is too late for you probably but for anyone who happens on this thread: a "work around" is to skip the Acronis front end as such and just browse the backup and then select all folders and then cut and paste. It took about ten minutes to paste 2.5GB in one go but it worked.

Further advice...well I'm shaken by the experience of thinking data was lost and seeing very little reference to this problem on line. Plus, no answer to your enquiry here. Now I'm very much inclined to start looking for other backup software!


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Hi Nick, Thanks for the (slightly late reply) i'm just looking back on my notes on this ticket as i don't remember anything about it!
The filesystem i was backing up had corruption/disk errors with the controller card failing, which i think contributed to the issue. It only happens when backing up individual folders i think

We use acronis a lot, but there are a few gotchas, so always test your backups

Thanks for the update - its really helpful to get a fix and not a 'me too' posting!