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Folders keep appearing on external media

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Every time I connect a external hard drive, appears Acronis keep adding backup file folders.
I have not added or created any time of backup plan.

Can someone advise why this is happening.

Jamie Turner

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Can I follow up on this, hoping to get a response. I think my problem is the same as Jamie's.

I had 'old' backups with previous versions of True Image, which backups I no longer use having created different ones for True Image 2013. . TI2013 insists on creating sub-folders in my Backup folder with the names of these old backups; the sub-folders are empty. I delete the sub-folders, but they keep reappearing on a reboot. Can I get rid of them permanently, please?

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This is not the correct forum for True Image 2013 see:

If you are having this issue I would suggest that you take a look at this post: