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Help needed using Acronis True Image Echo Server Build 8019

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I recently inherited administrative duties for a Windows 2003 S.E. server running on Dell PowerEdge T105 computer with a Dell SAS RAID 6/ir controller . Much to my dismay the server's RAID 1 C: partition is running out of space. I have replaced the drives with larger drives but I need to recreate the RAID 1 mirrored partitions in order to utilize the added space.

The server does have has Acronis True Image Echo Server Build 8019 that I can use to backup the server. However, I have no way to recover the disk data from the Acronis Boot Disk since it can not see the Dell SAS 6/ir controller's RAID 1 virtual disk. I believe a possible solution is to create an Acronis BARTPE CD with the driver for the Dell SAS 6/ir controller.

My problem is that I do not have the previous administrator's Acronis login and password to obtain the Acronis BARTPE plug-in if one exist. It would be great also if I can get the latest update for this product.

Well is there anyone that can help or offer other possible solutions?

I tried downloading a trial version of AB&R 11.5 SBS but it attempted to modify the existing Acronis software that I also don't have the installation disk or image. Thank you in advance.

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If you have proof of purchase of some kind, you need to contact Acronis support and move this license to the account tied to your company's email. After that you will be able to download installation files to.
As you have a trial version of 11.5 already, you may try the following - install Windows AIK and media builder on some other computer and build WinPE-based bootable media with RAID driver. 11.5 will recognize .tib files made by Echo.