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Migrating old 2003 Server on 2012 (new Hardware) with Acronis

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We are using Windows 2003 Server with Acronis Echo Server (8.018) for backups.
Is it possible to migrate the old Version to our new hardware with our version of Acronis Echo Server?


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Hello Manuel,

could you please provide more details about desired scenario? If you migrate the whole system you'll get Windows Server 2003 on your new hardware.

Thank you.

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Thanks for your reply.
The task is:

We want to set up a Hot-StandBy-Server configuration. For testing and stability purposes, the StandBy server should run Windows Server 2012, but with the same AD and DNS configuration as our old one (Windows 2003 standard SP2).

We want to be able to switch between the two servers manually.

Can we migrate the whole configuration including the SQL Server with Acronis Echo Server?