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SBS - Backing up during the work day, backing up while files are in use.

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I'm running Acronis True Image for SBS on a SBS2003 Server.

Currently, I perform a full backup using the "My Computer" option to a removable drive every night, which goes off site.

I'd like to start performing much more regular backups throughout the work day to protect users against themselves (accidentally deleting files, etc).

My intent was to do this to an external drive that doesn't get rotated, but is regularly purged - basically, run an incremental ("my data" - not cloned) backup of my user directories hourly, and delete and restart the series every weekend.

This is in addition to the nightly full backups that are rotated.

1) Is there a better way to do this?

2) What happens if a user has a file open while the backup runs?

3) Is there anything I should be aware of?

Thank you in advance!

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Truth be told, the big one is "what happens if a user has a file open when the backup job runs".

Thanks all.

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Was there an answer to this post? (particularly with the original post with someone working on an open file while the backup is running)

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Hello AWSW,

welcome to our forum and thank you for your posting!

For backup Acronis uses unique snapshot technology, which allows to create backups under running Windows with an unlimited number of open file.

If you want to backup running databases please make sure that VSS support option is enabled.

Thank you.