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True Image Echo Workstation errors with offline or missing drives

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We currently have a legacy development XP Pro Version 2002 SP3. Our Sans digital Tower which provides JBOD and/or mirror is temporary offline. We boot up the XP box and drives that were on the Sans digital are coming up offline. I am assuming that this is the problem and when Acronis is starting it is analyzing the drives and is errors out. We have Acronis 9.5.8018 currently, WILL UPGRADE NO PROBLEM IF NEW VERSION WILL CORRECT and for a backup, or can we just delete the volumes with computer management and do a Acronis image and when the juke box is back and available we can reimport the drives?

thank you

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Hi Kyle,
the best way to know if the newest version can help is to download the trial version:
Having some disks offline shouldn't cause errors in itself, but troubleshooting in such an old version is not reasonable.
Thank you,